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  Critical Issues Identified by FORCES


Commitment to address the four basic rights (survival, protection, development and participation) through ECCD services



Declining sex ratio in the context of survival of the girl child, high infant mortality of the girl child and discrimination



Provision of services like crèches and ICDS/day care centres, Maternity Benefits, etc.



Reach and accessibility of ECCD services by the ‘Last child’ (Children of unorganized labourers of marginalizedcommunities, in remote locations, of nomadic tribes and migratory populations etc).



Policies affecting nutritional status and leading to high infant/child mortality rates



Universalisation of ICDS with quality

Education for the under sixes
Empowering PRIs to participate effectively in decision making processes




  FORCES is an advocacy network which is committed to the survival, protection and holistic development of the young child