FORCES is an All India network comprising of Trade unions, women’s organizations, NGOs and academics, lawyers, medical doctors, individual members etc., and regional networks with their own membership. FORCES is an informal network and is not a registered body and therefore has no membership fee. The voluntary nature of the network gives no tangible benefits to members except a sense of belonging and involvement in working together on certain issues. It started with 17 members in 1989 to more than 450 member organisations by 2015 across 10 states of India





All India Trade Union Congress (Women's Wing), New Delhi



All India Women's Conference, Delhi



Avinashlingam Institute for Home Science and Higher Education for Women, Coimbatore



Bharatiya Adim Jati Sewak Sangh, New Delhi



Centre for Women's Development Studies, New Delhi



CITU (Working Women), New Delhi


Department of Human Development and Family  Studies, M.S. University, Vadodara

Family Planning Association of India, New Delhi


Indian Institute of Rural Management, Jaipur


YWCA of India, New Delhi


Lady Irwin College, New Delhi


National Federation of Indian Women, Delhi


Youth Charitable Organisation, Andhra Pradesh


Nirman Majdoor Panchayat Sangam, Delhi


Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India, New Delhi


Indian Council of Child Welfare, New Delhi


Mobile Crèches, New Delhi


Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) Ahmedabad


Sewa Bharat, Delhi


Voluntary Health Association of India, Delhi


Centre for Learning Resources, Pune




  FORCES is an advocacy network which is committed to the survival, protection and holistic development of the young child