The core vision of FORCES is that every child has the right to early childhood care and development including crèches and childcare services. And also that it is the state’s responsibility to ensure such services for all children, especially those of women working in the unorganized and informal sector. 


  • To form pressure groups and evolve effective advocacy methods for policies and resources for holistic and development-oriented child care services for young children in the country

  • To act as a watchdog over government policies and actions

  • To liaise with governments, both at the central and state levels and local levels in order to influence policy and implementation

  • To promote implementation of existing legislation and reforms in existing laws relating to children

  • To create awareness about the criticality of the years of early childhood and implications of its neglect

  • To provide advisory services in the field of child care planning

  FORCES is committed to adopt a holistic approach with multi-pronged advocacy for:


Harnessing adequate resources for childcare services


Seeking decentralization in the distribution of resources


Social security for women working in the informal sector


Adequate and just policies with planned outlays and inclusion of children in all sectors


Survival and protection of girl child




  FORCES is an advocacy network which is committed to the survival, protection and holistic development of the young child